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A Day in the Life: The Blog | 1st Snow of the Season

Goodness, gracious, I know it's been so long since we've blogged. So many new and exciting things are happening with Revival, and it's been hard to keep up. Thankful, though. Very, very thankful. All good things...

Anyway, wanted to throw up a quick blog with some wintery photos of our fur babies, Blue and Scout from the beautiful snow we had this past weekend. What a nice surprise to be able to have some time to play in the snow that morning. We had gotten them both Carhartt coats just in time. How handsome are they? 

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"I lost all my creativity and inspiration..." - An Honest Journal Series by Heather

...did that title shock you?

I'm going to be very real and honest in this blog post...

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Revival Vlog: Behind the Scenes at Lindsey + Michael's Twickenham Wedding Weekend

What an amazing weekend we had with these guys and their loved ones! They had their wedding weekend celebration at Twickenham House in Jefferson, NC. Cannot wait to share more of their story in a full wedding blog, which will be coming soon, but for now, here's a behind the scenes look and some aerial footage of the beautiful mountain landscape. It. was. gorgeous.

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Revival Vlog: Gardening, Building a shed, Dog Training with Blue, and Green Juice!

We're getting ready for the garden, and we did a DIY garden shed, worked with Blue's trainer, Bree of Highland Canine Training ( and we started back on some juicing green juice!

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Revival Vlog: WE ADOPTED A DOG!

We adopted a dog from the local animal shelter! We've been keeping an eye out for one like him for a while now, waiting for the right time and a friend of ours told us about him and it was the right time! 

His name is "Blue" and he's a beautiful and sweet Blue Heeler. Here's a little vlog of the day we adopted him and the last few days of him getting adjusted to our family. To be continued! :)

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Revival Photography Featured in WNC Magazine November/December 2016 Issue

eeeeekk!! While we have had features in magazines, this is a very first to have been a contributor and had a mini bio on us included in the magazine! Wow, so excited and honored. How did we get here?:) 

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Revival Vlog: Fall Wedding Season Adventures

Fall wedding season has been a little crazy, not gonna lie! We tried to capture some of the highlights (I'll admit we got a little slack and didn't capture as much as we hoped) from our super intense couple of weeks during the month of October! Prepare yourself, it's very random! Also threw in there some clips from our trip to Charlotte to see Switchfoot. Check it out!

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