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Revival Vlog: Spring Wedding Season Highlights + Behind the Scenes

What an epic Spring wedding season we had! So many great couples and fun behind the scenes moments to share in our newest vlog. Take a look at a few highlights and GoPro behind the scenes moments....

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Revival Vlog: WE ADOPTED A DOG!

We adopted a dog from the local animal shelter! We've been keeping an eye out for one like him for a while now, waiting for the right time and a friend of ours told us about him and it was the right time! 

His name is "Blue" and he's a beautiful and sweet Blue Heeler. Here's a little vlog of the day we adopted him and the last few days of him getting adjusted to our family. To be continued! :)

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Revival Vlog: OBX Wedding Adventures & Behind the Scenes

Hey guys! We had an awesome time traveling to the OBX to photograph and celebrate with Vanessa + Patrick! I know I've been saying that we'll be vlogging and doing more behind the scenes, and this time we finally got around to it. Playing around with the GoPro and also getting used to being in front of the camera, so here it is! Candid and behind the scenes stuff from our trip. Kind of short and sweet, and quite possibly a little boring, but just our first vlog together, we'll be doing lots more soon...

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