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How "Photography" Saved My Life...

As many of you know, I'm quite the introvert. But what many of you probably never knew was just how much of a fearful recluse I was for much of my life...

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"I lost all my creativity and inspiration..." - An Honest Journal Series by Heather

...did that title shock you?

I'm going to be very real and honest in this blog post...

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Life + Updates from Jason + Heather of Revival Photography

Hey guys! I know we are WAY overdue for an update. Better now than never, right?

Today I'm getting back on track with blogging, so you'll see a lot more from us, including maybe some "Vlogging"? Is that what you call it? :) 

I want to bring you guys up to where we are now in our lives. A LOT has happened since we posted last. I'm not exactly sure where to start other than where we left off. So here goes...

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A Day in the Life | An Honest Journal by Heather | 4.1.16

Happy 1st of April! It's April Fools Day, by the way. 

Speaking of April Fools.... I never seem to get jokes. It always takes me a minute to figure them out or to be able to tell if a person is joking or not. Anybody else the same way?

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