Happy Monday! What have you "pinned" over the weekend?

Happy Monday! :) Hope all of you had a great weekend! I have to say, it was a very nice weekend for us. And to top it all off, or should I say finish it up, we had icecream for dinner :) yum.

So how many of you are Pinterest addicts? *raises her hand* :)

But really, Pinterest is such a wonderful tool for people like me.. I'm a visual person and just scrolling through all the images gets my creativity going! I love to type in random words or colors and build a concept off of that. I love that about Pinterest.

Here are a few random things I've "pinned" over the weekend. Leave us some comments and share your most recent favorite pins or maybe just some projects or recipes you found on Pinterest over the weekend!


Found these adorable wings! I'd love to have some for a photo shoot!

How precious is this?
Gotta do a shoot with one of these!


Wanting to find a doll house like this!


I don't think I've ever written with a feather.... any of you?


Amazing green walls.

Source: vaikokambarys.lt via Heather on Pinterest
Source: soderbergagentur.com via Heather on Pinterest
Source: vaikokambarys.lt via Heather on Pinterest
Source: thebabyblackbird.com via Heather on Pinterest
Source: thedrifterandthegypsy.blogspot.com via Heather on Pinterest
Source: stefannysite.blogspot.com via Heather on Pinterest 
Source: flickr.com via Heather on Pinterest