Cropped vs Full Frame Print Sizes - What you need to know.

Cropped vs Full Frame - Revival Photography

Hello World! :) Happy Sunday to you! So, have you ever taken your digital images to the photo lab and ask for 5 x 7 prints and when you compare them to your original photo files, you have parts cropped out? Mom's head chopped off? Now why did that happen? Can be confusing right? Here's a great visual for those of you who don't like all the confusing aspect ratio numbers, and just want to be able to "see" what the difference looks like.

As you can see in this image, an 8x10 even though it will be  "bigger" it will have to be cropped quite a bit, yet a 4x6 even though it's "small" it will include the entire picture. Certain sizes are known as "cropped sizes" and others are known as "full frame sizes" and depending on the image and the type of print or wall art you want, sometimes full frame sizes are better than the cropped sizes, and vice versa.  Why? If you don't want your image to be cropped, it's best to go with 4 x 6 or 8 x 12, or 12 x 18....the full frame sizes. But if the cropping won't matter and your image will still look nice, you may prefer a cropped size because of the more common framing options, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 16 x 20....

When you print with us, we will examine each image carefully to make sure the print size you choose will make the image look it's very best and if for some reason a cropped size takes away from the image, we may suggest a full frame size. You won't have to worry about Grandma's foot being chopped off (LOL ok that sounded too funny) in your prints. :)

Hope this little bit of info helps! :)


Jason & Heather