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Revival Stories: Visit to the Hickory Aviation Museum

Had a great time going over to Hickory Aviation Museum with Josh Harrington. And man that B17 there on loan from The Liberty Foundation! Check out this awesome place! I had no idea it was even there!

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Highlights from the 31st Symphony by the Lake in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Check out the video we did, featuring highlights from the 31st Symphony by the Lake in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. What a beautiful evening! 

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Join us as we photograph an epic mountain sunrise at Rough Ridge Overlook in Blowing Rock, NC

Join us as we wake up early and go on a spontaneous sunrise shoot up in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

I woke up around 3:30 AM to the sound of Jason rummaging around (and if you know Jason, he is not a typical morning person!) I looked and he was dressed and getting the gear together! After a million of my sleepy questions he finally said, "Okay, you can come along, but be ready in 15 minutes." So I jumped out of bed, threw on yesterday's outfit (ha) and left the house before coffee even sank in. No time to wash my hair or put on any makeup. Jason didn't even know where we would end up! It turned out to be a fun adventure. Check it out...

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The most amazing tree in the mountains: The Prayer Tree in Blowing Rock, NC

Guys, Check out the most amazing tree in Blowing Rock! Check out The Prayer Tree right beside of Take Heart! What a joy to discover and come across places like this. The Lord is doing something here. Share this video with your friends to spread the word about this awesome place!

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Revival Vlog: Behind the Scenes from our shoot at The Bullhole Riverpark for Our State Magazine

Join us as we head out to Bullhole Riverpark at Cooleemee Falls in Woodleaf, North Carolina for a photoshoot with Our State Magazine. We drag the Bryant Family out there with us to be in some photos! Special thanks to them for joining us for a fun time at the park! And you guys should also head over and checkout their page called "The Caterpillar Project" - their journey from a family of 5 living in the city limits to living off the grid on a 10 acre homestead they are building. Check it out!

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The little shop that captured our hearts: Our visit to "Take Heart" in Blowing Rock for Our State Magazine

Check out this article from Our State Magazine featuring Take Heart. We got to visit this adorable, cozy little shop in downtown Blowing Rock to do photos for the article. We walked away with a dear new friend, and our hearts full that day...

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Revival Vlog: Behind the Scenes from our shoot with Thermal Valley Aerosports for Our State Magazine

We are so blessed to be able to do what we do. Let me just start by saying that. When we got this assignment from Our State Magazine, my first instinct was "oh no." - let's just say that some fears (at least for me, Heather) were conquered by doing this assignment. I didn't go up in the glider (I did go up in the plane and shoot though!) but just to be okay with Jason doing this and not being overcome with fear of what could happen in my mind. This was a huge leap for me. SO glad we did it! Thank you to Thermal Valley and to Our State Magazine for this incredible opportunity!

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Behind the Scenes on Location with Jay Brown Realtors

This past week we've been working on a very exciting project with Jay Brown Realtors. More very soon, but here are a few behind the scenes shots and a couple of clips. Special thanks to Jon Philipp for joining the team for this project! Here are some behind the scenes shots from this past week... stay tuned!

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