Revival Vlog: Behind the Scenes from our shoot with Thermal Valley Aerosports for Our State Magazine

We are so blessed to be able to do what we do. Let me just start by saying that.

When we got this assignment from Our State Magazine, my first instinct was "oh no." - let's just say that some fears (at least for me, Heather) were conquered by doing this assignment. I didn't go up in the glider (I did go up in the plane and shoot though!) but just to be okay with Jason doing this and not being overcome with fear of what could happen in my mind. This was a huge leap for me. SO glad we did it! Thank you to Thermal Valley and to Our State Magazine for this incredible opportunity!

Here's a behind the scenes video from our visit to Thermal Valley Aerosports, on location for our shoot for Our State Magazine. This was Jason's first hang gliding experience. Special thanks to Thermal Valley for an incredible time and for this GoPro footage! You can see more from this shoot in the Feb 2018 Issue of Our State Magazine.

There's me - Heather. See there in the rear view mirror of the plane? A few years ago you would never have NEVER convinced me that I would be in a little plane, photographing Jason in a hang glider at sunset for Our State Magazine. ha!

We are Jason + Heather, a husband + wife team.

Together, we are Revival.

We see ourselves as storytellers, documenting moments in a way that captures a certain "authenticity" within a photograph.

Everyone has a unique story to tell. We create authentic videos and photography to help brands communicate who they are and what they're all about. Let us know what you need for your brand, your business, your project. Let's talk about how we can help you connect and communicate with your audience.

A little more about us? We live out in the country in a tiny little cottage style farmhouse that we're currently renovating. We have two Blue Heeler pups, two cats, and 11 chickens. We love working in our garden, spending time with loved ones, traveling to new places, old favorites, and meeting new and interesting people along the way. 

We're so thankful to get to do what we do, to be able to work as a team. We love teaming up with magazines and business owners to collaborate and help bring life and imagery to projects and brands. We believe that everyone has a story to tell.

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