Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites by Revival Photography List of Favorites Each Friday on the Blog

Happy Friday! Happy 1st Week of Fall! It's our (well, my (Heather) favorite, Jason's is winter because he likes to drive in the snow and save people from the ditches in our Jeep). Hope you guys had a great week! Anything new and exciting? Any new favorites that you've found that you just have to share? Here's our list of favorites and finds for the week:

  1. This restaurant in Asheville.
  2. This hot sauce at this place. Go visit and get some, don't think you can get it online! (new favorite with scrambled eggs).
  3. This shop.
  4. Fall. #HappyFallYall
  5. This list of cold brewed coffees.

Have you discovered any new favorites this week? We'd love to know! Share your favorite find in the comments below! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 


Jason + Heather