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13 Marriage Quotes to Inspire

This month on the blog, it's all about marriage. 

When planning a wedding, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in everything and lose sight of the main reason for the wedding day.


The wedding day is only the start of a life-long journey.

It's only the very beginning. 


Today on the blog we are featuring 13 marriage quotes to inspire you...

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Wedding FAQ: "Should We do a 1st Look?"

Should we do a "1st Look"? Or maybe a "1st Moment"?

Should we stick to tradition?

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6 Ways to do a 1st Look - by Revival Photography

This month on the blog, it's all about 1st Looks! Ways to do them, advice on pulling them off, ways to make them unique and personalized... How to have a "1st Moment" without breaking tradition? Today we are featuring 6 different ways to do a 1st Look or 1st Moment...

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