Weekend Recap + Switchfoot


So… this Monday morning is kicking my butt. As I’m typing this my eyes keep going crossed. LOL That’s what happens when you don’t get in bed till 2:00 AM. No worries, my coffee will save me :) So what have you guys been up to this weekend? Our weekend was a little all over the place but I have to say that there were a couple of rather odd highlights.  

The first one was on Friday night….


We were going to have a salad for dinner. Trying to be healthier. We have a little small garden behind the house with a couple different kinds of lettuce. So I went out to cut some lettuce for us to eat for dinner. Came in, put the leaves in water to soak. When we were ready to prepare the salad, I noticed that several of the bugs crawled up to the top of the bowl to escape “impending doom” I suppose….. and…. lo' and behold… ONE (at least at this period in time) was a BABY SLUG. Now if any of you know my likes and dislikes, you’d know that I do NOT like slugs of any kind. Yes, babies are cute but not when it comes to slugs. So luckily my sister-in-law, Joye was there to save me from this wretched slug. As we were rinsing off the rest of the leaves there were at least 3 baby slugs hiding in there. That’s what I call “Slug Infested”. So we decided to do pizza.






Next rather odd highlight? Random eerie bird moment. We were leaving a restaurant the other night and started the car and this is what we saw…


Yes, that’s a bird sitting on the front of the car. I believe it was a pigeon, to be exact. How creepy is that? So we saw this thing and Jason was like, “oh he’ll fly away when we start to move the car”….. he didn’t. Instead he sat on out car like he was going to ride home with us. Uh no. :) lol So we got pulled out of the parking spot, about to get on the road and still, he was sitting there. Jason got out and sort of shoo’d him, he still didn’t want to leave. Finally after a couple of ties he hopped off the car and we made our way home. Has anything like this ever happened to any of you?? I’ve never seen a bird so persistent.








vintageSo, on to the better things… Joy brought us some records. Always loving those! A lot of them were scratched up so we’ll have to use them creatively in a shoot (which is awesome) but there were a few that we can still play too…. a Donovan record…. The Pointer Sisters…..Blondie……















So what are our Monday plans? Tonight we are going to see  switchfoot at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. We’re doing a few photos for Elliott Guitars… a few of Drew Shirley with his Elliott guitar and then of course, a few photos of the show. Super excited! We’ll post some photos for you guys to see this week.

Here’s one Jason took when he was at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

Drew Shirley of Switchfoot Revival Photography


Have a great week! Stay tuned for more on the blog this week!



Jason + Heather