Use Your Coffee Cup to Predict Whether Rain Will Ruin Your Shoot? Is it true?

Read an interesting article this AM. Apparently your morning cup of coffee can help predict rain, according to Backpacker Magazine. It’s a trick used by backpackers. Pour a cup of coffee and then watch the bubbles… ShakeItPhoto Photo



“If the bubbles amass in the center, you’re in a high-pressure system, which is making the coffee’s surface convex (higher in the middle). Since bubbles are mostly air, they migrate to the highest point. It’s going to be a beautiful day. If the bubbles form a ring around the sides of the mug, you’re in a low-pressure system, making the surface concave. Rain is likely. Note: It has to be strong, brewed coffee to have enough oil to work, and the mug must have straight sides.” – Backpacker Magazine



I may have to give this a try to see how well it works. Experiment in the near future? I think so! Smile