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Hey guys! We SO loved reading all of your engagement/love stories! :) Thanks to all of you who entered the contest for a FREE engagement session + $100 print credit Give-A-Way!  Here are the finalists, their snapshot and their love story! It's time for you YOU guys to go and VOTE on who you think should win (go HERE)! Don't forget to "like" our page! :)



"Our love story begins slightly different than most boy meets girl stories. The day was June 25, 2011, a Saturday to be exact. Why is this day so memorable? I, being a pharmacy technician, was extremely stressed out with the hustle and bustle of prescription entry and sales. In the midst of helping an inquisitive customer in the drop off section of our pharmacy, I noticed an eager yet quite nervous gentleman awaiting his turn in line. While instructing my inquisitive customer to please take a sit while I contact his insurance company, Jamie,my fiance, steps forward, looks at me (picture a very stressed out young lady who is not wearing any make up and is wearing a uniform and a pony tail), executes a perfect 90 degree turn to walk away but changes his mind and turns in the same degree to face me again. Instantly I'm dazed and confused. Jamie proceeds to say, "I noticed you the other day and was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime?" Again dazed and confused I turn to look behind me and ask, "who me?" It is at this point where we established how well sarcasm works between us. He states "your telling me you don't get asked out all the time?" Out of being nervous and speechless, I proceeded to give him my number not believing he would call. The next day I get a phone call which I didn't get to answer because I was at work from Jamie stating he would like to talk to me sometime. To this day I still have this message. Our first date was a week later following amazing daily conversations. Given the slight resemblance of a blind date because I did not know what to expect, we met at Wild Wok in Hickory, NC. It is here where our mutual connection as strangers turned into potential love. From our common interest in music to a discussion of our philosophies of life, we could not get enough of each other. Our first kiss was magical. We had been continuously seeing each other for about a week and had decided to catch a flick that evening. No it did not happen in the theater, the car, or even at my door step. We literally stood outside of the movie theater after we got out of the movie just talking till about 4a. I posed the situation that if he wanted a kiss, he would have to go for it. Be careful what you ask for (lol). Let's just say Jamie is hands down a go getter. Miracles do happen because in a million years I never thought I would be so lucky as to run into such an amazing, loving, handsome, and caring man such as Jamie. Every day I am looking forward to the start of our life together and taking on the world as one."








"Devin and I started dating on December 14th 2009 and I think we've both known from the start that this was it! We got engaged on Friday January 13th, 2012...so it's not always unlucky!!

How it happened: I was at work and Devin came in "just to visit." He said that his best friend Darren had to take something back to a nearby store so he thought he would stop in. Little did I know, while he was inside talking to me, Darren was sneaking into my car. After I got off work I got in my car and found a note, which told me to go to my house. When I got home I found a bouquet of flowers with another note telling me to go to his house. After I got to his house (I found out later that Darren was hiding outside filming me walking in) I went inside and found another note and a trail of rose petals telling me to go into the living room to see "the start of us." Devin was hiding in his room and before I could go look for him, had pushed play to start a DVD that he had made with songs and photos of us. The last scene of the video was an empty ring box and then he came in and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He had hidden a video camera and had recorded the whole thing! Later, I found out that he and Darren had recorded the whole preparation too, so everything is on video! We are both very excited about this new adventure and can't to spend our lives together!"









"What is love? Most people search forever to find that perfect person.  At one time in my life I thought I found love, but I was totally wrong. I had been through a divorce in 2008 and the idea of trying to find love again was the last thing on my mind. One day I decided to try internet dating on a Christian website. There was a guy on there that lived in New Bern who caught my eye. My first thought was that is so far away, and I did the long distance dating before and it did not work out. I prayed and decided to join the site and see what would happen. It was the best investment I have ever made because now two years later we will be getting married in June 2012. I do believe that love is out there for everyone, so keep your eyes open because you never know where he or she might be."














"I’d like to say it was love at first sight, that our eyes met across a crowded room and from that moment we were in love. But our story wasn’t written for a romance novel, it was a chance meeting of a boy and a girl who just happen to be made for each other.

I came into her store for help and she was there. I made small talk with her as she did with me and then I left. Nothing much to that right? Little did I know that the chance meeting would stick on both our minds, not constantly but vigorously over the coming months.  She saw that I came in and was in a rush so couldn’t wait on her to finish so she came over to say hi. She gave me a big smile and a hug and we talked. She snagged my number from her co-workers screen and a few hours later I get a text ‘Sooo when are we going to go out for drinks?’ I was shocked, ecstatic, bewildered at the possibility she would even think to get in touch with me for a first date. We had an undeniable connection, a passion for one another that would lead us down the path we so eagerly travel. It wasn’t the ‘porch date nights’ spent with wine on her back porch until 3 in the morning just talking the night away or the fact that we couldn’t spend a day apart.  The engagement was the moment I wanted to make a fairy tale. We decided to take a trip to the mountains for a romantic getaway and for me to try to find the perfect engagement moment. We went to local shops, ate at local restaurants, trying to keep her busy until sunset where we could find the perfect spot up in the mountains. She, on the other hand, thought it would be a good time to shop at an outlet store and get coffee.  This goes on until we are watching the sunset from a Harris Teeter parking lot. So we drive back the next day, the whole time mind twisting and turning of what moments I could of missed, what opportunities I let slip by and then it hit me. I see the Wilmington sign. There was no way I could go back to Wilmington as just her boyfriend and tell her that I need her to pull over, there was something really important we needed to talk.. This as expected makes her nervous and antsy and figures the worst is about to happen. We pull under the Wilmington sign and I lean against the car she comes over, her face all flushed asking me what was wrong. I tell her I can’t do this anymore, I can’t go back to Wilmington as just her boyfriend. This is the moment she realizes what is happening, squealing and jumping she leaps at me wrapping her arms around my neck. Having no room to bend knee with her wrapped around me and both crying from the moment I muster a will you marry me, I feel her nod her head and through tears a yes.  Also, as we’re parked alongside the interstate we get a visit from a state trooper, the first person to hear the news!"





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