Tuesday Ramblings…

Tuesday Ramblings - Revival Photography Blog
Tuesday Ramblings - Revival Photography BlogSo I know we haven’t been posting as much lately as we usually do. Part of it is because we’ve been so busy booking weddings for 2013 and working with brides + grooms to plan their big day. Haven’t been out shooting as much this month, well I take that back…at least not as many wedding related things, more like photos of some local businesses, commercial product shots, concerts + events, as well as some fashion shoots (which we will post later this week). To be honest, January has been way more slammed than we ever expected! We’re so grateful for it, but it’s also made us realize that not only do we have a busy year ahead (and we are going to be working really, really hard) but also, we’re going to have to work really, really hard to maintain a life of balance!
God has blessed us with so many amazing clients (aka: “friends”)… and that is something so incredible about what we do – we have the opportunity to meet new people, get to know them, learn about their lives, the things they love, hear their love stories…  we get to have fun creating photos with them, and then we have the privilege of hanging out with them on their wedding day, and we get to witness and capture some of the most real, and intimate moments. By the time the wedding day has arrived they aren’t just our “clients”… they’re our friends Smile
We’re just so very excited about this year. Makes me giddy just to think of it! *grin*
Anyway, just wanted to take some time to ramble a bit. We don’t post enough rambling, I suppose Winking smile
Happy Tuesday!