Tuck & Bonte

Hello everyone! Hope all of you had a great weekend! Any of you watch the Super Bowl? Believe it or not, we did (it was officially my first EVER Super Bowl). Fun times with great friends! Speaking of good friends, we want to introduce you guys to our lovely, inspiring friends "Tuck & Bonte"

"Tuck & Bonte is a husband/wife team who both share a love for fashion, design and art."

Tuck & Bonte specialize in designing handcrafted decor, personalized for your wedding, and handmade items for the home. Be sure to check out their wedding cake toppers -  a must have for a vintage-chic wedding!

Love Birds "Bride and Groom" Cake Toppers by Tuck & Bonte

Want them now? Get them HERE.



Wanna learn more about this charming couple? Find them HERE.













Tuck & Bonte are hard at work on their brand new line that will be coming out very soon, just in time for your wedding! We can't wait to see what's next from Tuck & Bonte! :)


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