The time we got to hang out with Switchfoot…(Oh and “Fading West” is EPIC!)

Switchfoot tour behind the scenes photo by Revival Photography Photo
This past weekend, we were finally able to watch the new “Fading West” film, featuring the band Switchfoot...

"Part rock documentary, part surf film and part travelogue, Fading West offers rare glimpses of the longtime surfers on their boards and in the waves, captures the frenetic energy of their live shows and, in the end, portrays a journey both epic and intimate..."-Hoganson Media

We were only able to view the very end when we saw Switchfoot in concert because we were on the tour bus with them when the film started pre-show, so this was the first time we’ve been able to watch it all the way through. WOW, oh WOW…. it’s incredible. So inspiring, moving, so much heart, and the filming of it is completely brilliant. It's beautiful. We loved seeing the vintage film cameras used throughout the movie.
Made me think back to the time when we got to hang out with them when we were in Atlanta this last Fall. These guys are rock stars in the most “rockstar-ish” way possible (I know that’s not a word, but you get my point *grin*)…. and yet they are so down to earth, so kind and easy to talk to, they truly love and appreciate their fans.
Here we are (photos below) with Andy Elliott, the genius behind Elliott Guitars and Peter Stroud (legendary rock star guitar hero and all-around-good-guy), Drew Shirley of Switchfoot (the definition of “awesome”, can’t say enough great things about this guy, so down to earth, compassionate and epic guitar hero, and not to mention hilariously funny – be sure to check out his brand new company Revival Amps)…. oh and Jason too (And also great to hang out with Lance of Gear Talk and of course Mrs. Kelly Watson, who is Andy Elliott’s sister, so much fun to be around (had so much fun with you, Kelly!) We got to hang out with these guys and Switchfoot pre-show (and after the show too!) It was such an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many talented artists.

An Elliott in the making!


The show was incredible. Peter Stroud and David Crowder even surprised us all by joining Switchfoot on stage to wish Tom Petty a happy birthday with “I Won’t Back Down”. The crowd LOVED it!

Switchfoot behind the scenes fading west tour photos by revival photography photo
Switchfoot behind the scenes fading west tour photos by revival photography photo
I finally had a chance to really listen (and that means just me in my car, driving, soaking it in) to Switchfoot’s new album Fading West. “Fading West”, the album, was created as these guys traveled the world, while making the film. Let me just say that this album is epic on so many levels. Their music is filled with so much life, so much hope, so much LIGHT…
OH! And we got to hang out with our very dear photographer friend Susan (Susan Lloyd Photography based in Charleston, be sure to check her out if you are getting married in the Charleston area or if you are looking for a portrait photographer in the area). She is such an important person in my life, so thankful for her friendship. It’s so nice to have other photographer friends to talk to, get advice, pray for each other, inspiration, etc. You know how we met? The first Switchfoot show that we went to a couple of years ago Yep, we met her at the front when we were taking photos of the concert and we’ve been friends ever since. It was a God thing. So anyway, we had coffee and breakfast the next morning with Susan and some friends who came to the concert with her. Had such a great time with you ladies! Here’s a candid shot that Jason took of us… *grin*

Thanks for the photo, guys!

Switchfoot Pre-Show VIP Photo with Jason and Heather
Switchfoot Pre-Show VIP Photo with Jason and Heather


Jason + Heather