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Revival Wedding Tips & Advice: The Wedding Guest Style Guide

Engagement season is quickly approaching! Which means wedding planning season will soon follow! AND that means wedding invitations will be going out! Whether you are planning a wedding or attending a wedding, a big question can be "What is the difference between "formal" and "black tie?" "What should I wear or what level of "formal" should we suggest to wedding guests?"

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The bride + groom want to see your smiling faces (not your cell phones)!

You're walking down the aisle as husband + wife... what do you want to see? The faces of your loved ones smiling back at you with tears in their eyes? Or cell phones covering the faces of the ones you love so much?

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"When to Start the Wedding Ceremony for Best Light?"

"What time of day should we start our outdoor wedding ceremony if we want to be in ideal light?"

Daylight/Time of Day/Season are factors that can greatly affect your outdoor wedding ceremony, the comfort of your guests, and ultimately your wedding photos. 

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15 Unique Wedding Ceremony Locations

This month on the blog, it's all about wedding ceremonies...ways to personalize, unique location ideas, how to know what time to have the ceremony, and how to prevent cellphones from completely taking over your wedding ceremony photos.... 

Today we are featuring ideas for ceremony locations you may, or may not have thought of - some are quite unexpected, in fact, but make for great photographs!

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Ideas for Bride + Groom Wedding Day Gifts + Note Exchanges

Many brides + grooms prefer to do a wedding day gift or note exchange, rather than a 1st Look - or maybe even both! We love photographing these traditions! Some choose to exchange gifts the night before the wedding, the morning of (we prefer this way so that we can get photos of the exchange!) or even after the wedding is over.

Here are some ideas that we love, tips on how to choose the perfect gifts, and beautiful ways to exchange notes...

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6 Ways to do a 1st Look - by Revival Photography

This month on the blog, it's all about 1st Looks! Ways to do them, advice on pulling them off, ways to make them unique and personalized... How to have a "1st Moment" without breaking tradition? Today we are featuring 6 different ways to do a 1st Look or 1st Moment...

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7 Wedding Tools + Resources (that will save you a lot of time)

Here are "7 Wedding Tools + Resources" that will save you a lot of time!

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Quiz: Should I book a "Full Day" Wedding Photography Package?

"How do I know if I'll need a full wedding day photography package?"

We have couples ask us this question quite a bit. While we often highly recommend the full day wedding package (which is up to 10 hours in our case), certainly in many cases the 6 hour package is most ideal. It just really depends on a few different things. We've put together a quiz to help you figure out what will be the best fit for your wedding day!

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"9 Tips for Great Pre-Ceremony Photos" by Revival Photography NC Wedding Photographers

Pre-ceremony photos are some of our very favorites to capture on the wedding day. There are so many things that happen during this portion of the day that are so beautiful and moving - you'll definitely want photos of these moments to cherish and remember! Here are a few tips to help ensure that your pre-ceremony wedding photos are picture perfect.

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