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Exciting news for our friends at Leatherwood Mountains Resort - Press Release
6 Types of Centerpieces for Weddings (we're kind of in love with)

We've seen all kinds of centerpieces for weddings, and some of them just really stand out and have such a unique and oh so lovely feel to them :) Here are a few wedding centerpiece trends that we are kind of in love with...

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Top 8 Wedding Blogs (that we follow every day)

If you know us, then you know we love weddings. We love the planning, we love the couples, we love the cakes & pies, we love the tablescape designs and reception decor, we love the dresses, the breathtaking locations, the details, we love..... okay, you get the point. As wedding professionals, we want to educate ourselves as much as we possibly can when it comes to weddings. That's why we love to follow the top wedding blogs and magazines in the wedding industry to be inspired by the latest & the greatest. Here are our top 8 favorite wedding blogs that we love to follow each and every day....

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Adam + Michelle: A Mountain Destination Wedding at The Swag Country Inn

"...Adam and Michelle met at The Ohio State University in 1992. Little did they know that Pathology class would forever changes their lives..." 

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"Liz + Ted's Excellent Adventure" as told by Revival Photography

"We were inspired by the simple beauty of White Fence Farm, nestled perfectly in those East Tennessee/West North Carolina mountains that both of us love so much. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of the blissful life we live together, and a fun kick-off to our next adventure. It definitely was..."  

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Brittney + Bryan: An Intimate Mountain Wedding at Leatherwood Mountains Resort
Jamie + John: The Wedding Day
The Rustic Wedding Guide