Revival Photography: What to Expect?

Jason and Heather Barr


 "hmmm I wonder how they work"...

"I wonder what what they're like"...

"being in front of the camera makes me nervous...... I'd like to know what to expect!"


So.... you're thinking about setting up a photoshoot with us. Are these some of the things that are going through your mind?

Well wonder no more! If you haven't met us in person before and you're curious to see us in action, check out this little video (thanks to our trusty... iphone ;) ) from our last session....

You'll find that we are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do..... we stay true to who we are individually and as a couple.... we put 1000% into your session experience (learning about who you are, what you love...planning for your session....working together to give you a fun and amazing experience during your session....). We tell your story.

Don't like the camera? Believe it or not, neither of us like being on the other side of the camera :) So we completely understand that. That's why we do our best to photograph you in a way where you'll feel most at ease and comfortable enough to be who you are in front of the camera.  Sometimes we may coach you and maybe say "try this or try that" or sometimes we'll get you set up and ask you to "do your thing" or "do whatever you feel like doing!" and we will stand back and do our thing ;) Some of you LOVE the camera and some of you don't and we realize that, so we're going to structure your session based on your personality and how you feel most at ease.

Believe it or not, I (Heather) am a VERY shy person whether I'm in front of the camera or not. Shy, but confident when I have my camera in hand.......I get in my zone and I'm all set ;) But you never have to worry about me barking orders at you or making you do something you feel uncomfortable with.  I'll be the one who tends to blend in... the "wallflower" but that's what I want.... that's how I observe you at your wedding... that's how I capture your true essence. Jason, is just a good ol', easy-going, genuine, Southern guy...loves people.. loves being around people... he is who he is and I love that about him. He's real. He LOVES to talk and learn about you by conversation.... (while I tend to stand back and just observe). We're not one of those "loud", "obnoxious" photographers who's going to try and steal the show.... it's all about capturing you. Sometimes we can be silly, I have a very random sense of humor. We tend to be passionate about music so we may try to get you to like our music ;) sometimes I get excited during a shoot and run around like a leprechaun (as seen in the video)...Jason likes to wear his cowboy hat and will most likely talk about guitars at some point during the session.... we are who we are.

When we photograph children, we love nothing more than when a child comes up with their own beautiful ideas.... when their personality shines through. We love to talk to them about their day, their favorite things, what they love and we work around that! There is nothing more beautiful, creative, and pure than the imagination of a child, and we always love to provide an environment that will allow their creativity to shine!

There are 2 very important things to consider when  selecting your wedding/portrait/engagement/child/family photographer:

1.  Style - Do you love our style as photographers? There are so many different styles, and everyone has their OWN style to offer. Ours tends to be "photojournalistic", "timeless", "creative", and "styled with a vintage-inspired flair"... we like to tell a story. Your story.

2.  Personality and Energy - Do you feel that you can connect your photographer, feel at ease, be YOU? Do you feel that you can approach your photographer anytime with a question? On your big day, you are going to be with us for 10+ hours..... Jason with the groom and I'll be with the bride.....we're not going to make you do anything cheesy (unless of course it's something YOU want to do and that's why we meet with our bride and grooms ahead of time and learn about them and ask them what they want and don't want for their big day). Choose a photographer that you want to be around on your big day. That's very important. A photographer who's going to encourage you be who you are and allow your day to unfold.

Why choose us? Because we love what we do, we care about you and who you truly are, and we care about getting you a quality product. We're not going to try and mold you into something that you're not. We tell your story.


Jason + Heather