Memories of Mawmaw

Yesterday afternoon my sister and I visited our Pawpaw and had a bite to eat, and then we took a trip down memory lane and went through some of Mawmaw’s old recipes. Mawmaw was such an amazing cook and an even more amazing Mawmaw. Just looking at some of her old handwritten recipes and notes made our mouths water and long for the times when we sat down for dinner at Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s house. We had some good times back then… sure do miss her!


Me and Mawmaw when I was a little girl…we had some good times…

Me and Mawmaw

A few of her old recipes… and her famous Pecan Pie recipe that we looked forward to every Thanksgiving. It was the best you’ve ever had…

Mawmaw's recipes photos by Heather Ruff Barr

Mawmaw's recipes photos by Heather Ruff Barr