Jodie + Marty: A Destination Wedding at The Land of Oz, Beech Mountain, North Carolina

Whimsical Creative Destination Wedding at Abandoned Themepark The Land of Oz in Beech Mountain

When Jodie and Marty got in touch with us and shared their wedding day vision.... an incredibly fun, creative, and intimate destination wedding at a historic theme park called "The Land of Oz" in Beech Mountain, NC - we were beyond excited to be a part of their fun and unique wedding day! 

You may or may not have heard of this historic, abandoned theme park, which was operational between 1970-1980. Many have fond childhood memories of visiting the park. Here's a bit of the background story...

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Oz was dreamed and designed by Jack Pentes, on behalf of Carolina Caribbean Corp., and headed by Grover Robbins, of Tweetsie RR. Both men were exceptional “visionaries”. It was their plan to create something special for children - something that would be fun and financially compatible with the ski slopes of Beech - and, in turn, would bring parents, purchasers of resort property. Just as important, local talent and craftsmen were employed, bringing pride and opportunities to the area. It was a grand dream and was done in a grand fashion. OZ exceeded everyone’s expectations of success.

Six months before its opening, however, Mr. Robbins contracted bone cancer and passed away. He was young and handsome and lived a “whirlwind” life. He left behind OZ, Tweetsie, Hound Ears, Beech, Land Harbor, and what is now Elk River Club...
...In 1990, the 450 acre project known as Emerald Mountain development was begun, the concept of creating homesites with respect to The Land Of OZ being one of our goals. In the past eight summers, OZ has gone from being an “archeological dig” to an enchanting private garden, with Dorothy’s farm restored, gazebos renovated, fountain, pond and waterfall made operational, and the yellow brick road unearthed and patched. For now, the character houses and Emerald City are gone. But each summer we add something back to OZ. Sometimes it is original items returned to us from caring friends....

Dorothy's Cottage, which is where Jodie and the girls got ready, can now be rented out for weddings and events, and each year the park reopens its doors for "Autumn at Oz", a nostalgic event where guests can take a stroll down the yellow brick road and even see some of the original cast perform again. How cool is that? Check out some of the incredible details in this enchanting place...

Jodie and Marty had their grandparents wedding bands bonded together into a single golden ring...

We absolutely loved the creative elements Jodie and Marty incorporated! Vintage inspired centerpieces mixed with fun elements such as cake pops and crayons for guests to color onto kraft paper table coverings! 

After the ceremony guests enjoyed a tour through Dorothy's House, which has a hidden surprise.... a tornado simulator!

....then of course, a stroll down the historic Yellow Brick Road....


Venue - The Land of Oz in Beech Mountain, NC/ Emerald Mountain

Catering + Pies - Loaves & Fishes, Sharon Arnold

Florist - Mountain Visions Florist, Lori Benfield

Decor/Design - DIY

Dress - BHLDN

Accessories - Vintage Mink Fur, handmade jewelry by Jodie

Officiant - High Country Ministers

Photography - Revival Photography, Jason + Heather Barr



Jason + Heather