Falling in Love With Valle Crucis

Revival Photography in the town of Valle Crucis

There is, perhaps, more interest in this place and its romantic history than in any other in Watauga County...There is a dreamy spell which hangs over this little valley... -John Preston Arthur

This past weekend, we paid Valle Crucis a little visit to work on a photography project.

Let me just say, that this little town completely caught us off guard. We didn't expect to fall head-over-heels in love with this town the way that we did....the town..... the people..... the history....the story.

If there is any one place in this far mountain section that is more often mentioned in speech or print it is Valle Crucis, and when the traveller follows the winding roads over hill and dale until he enters the Watauga River Valley and its surroundings, he immediately sees why so much 'song and story'.

-Charlotte Observer, 1922

Both Jason and I have visited this town multiple times and we have always admired the area, but never have we had the opportunity to really dig in and absorb the community and their way of life... their history..... their passion. We've never had the chance to walk the land and meet the people the way we've been able to do this weekend.

We'll leave you with that for now. Stay tuned for more on our stay at the historic Mast Farm Inn, in the next blog. Stay tuned for more on our little adventure later this week. ;)


Jason + Heather