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How "Photography" Saved My Life...

As many of you know, I'm quite the introvert. But what many of you probably never knew was just how much of a fearful recluse I was for much of my life...

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Revival Photography FAQ Video: What's in our bag?

What's in our bag? Here's a short video of the gear we use when we're shooting a wedding. 

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The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony (Helping guests to connect - Making your wedding photos SO much better)

This month on the blog, it's all about the wedding ceremony...ways to personalizeunique location ideashow to know what time to have the ceremony, and how to prevent cellphones from completely taking over your wedding ceremony photos.... 

Today we're talking about "the wedding ceremony", and why we think you should consider asking guests to put away their cell phones and other devices during your wedding ceremony.

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"How to Have an Epic Ceremony Exit" - by Revival Photography

Today it's all about the ceremony exit, and how to have an epic ceremony exit with so much joy and celebration! We've seen it all, we've photographed it all, and we have seen some beautiful ceremony exits that are so full of joy and celebration, and it makes such a difference in photos...

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"When to Start the Wedding Ceremony for Best Light?"

"What time of day should we start our outdoor wedding ceremony if we want to be in ideal light?"

Daylight/Time of Day/Season are factors that can greatly affect your outdoor wedding ceremony, the comfort of your guests, and ultimately your wedding photos. 

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Wedding FAQ: "Should We do a 1st Look?"

Should we do a "1st Look"? Or maybe a "1st Moment"?

Should we stick to tradition?

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6 Ways to do a 1st Look - by Revival Photography

This month on the blog, it's all about 1st Looks! Ways to do them, advice on pulling them off, ways to make them unique and personalized... How to have a "1st Moment" without breaking tradition? Today we are featuring 6 different ways to do a 1st Look or 1st Moment...

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20 Wedding Day Moments (that we LOVE to capture) by Revival Photography

There are SO many things that happen on a wedding day. Some things are "common" or what one would expect to occur on a wedding day, and other things are completely unique to the couple and their guests, and completely impossible to "plan" for... that's why we always keep our eyes open, not only for the common wedding day happenings, but for those random, beautiful, unique, off-the-wall moments that you'd miss if you weren't prepared...

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Quiz: Should I book a "Full Day" Wedding Photography Package?

"How do I know if I'll need a full wedding day photography package?"

We have couples ask us this question quite a bit. While we often highly recommend the full day wedding package (which is up to 10 hours in our case), certainly in many cases the 6 hour package is most ideal. It just really depends on a few different things. We've put together a quiz to help you figure out what will be the best fit for your wedding day!

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