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Here's a recap of their sweet story!


"Devin and I started dating on December 14th 2009 and I think we've both known from the start that this was it! We got engaged on Friday January 13th, it's not always unlucky!!

How it happened: I was at work and Devin came in "just to visit." He said that his best friend Darren had to take something back to a nearby store so he thought he would stop in. Little did I know, while he was inside talking to me, Darren was sneaking into my car. After I got off work I got in my car and found a note, which told me to go to my house. When I got home I found a bouquet of flowers with another note telling me to go to his house. After I got to his house (I found out later that Darren was hiding outside filming me walking in) I went inside and found another note and a trail of rose petals telling me to go into the living room to see "the start of us." Devin was hiding in his room and before I could go look for him, had pushed play to start a DVD that he had made with songs and photos of us. The last scene of the video was an empty ring box and then he came in and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He had hidden a video camera and had recorded the whole thing! Later, I found out that he and Darren had recorded the whole preparation too, so everything is on video! We are both very excited about this new adventure and can't to spend our lives together!"




*hmmmmmm I wonder if they would like to share this video with all of us? ;) So curious!! *

Thank you to all of the lovely couples who entered and to all of those who voted!


Jason + Heather