8 Tips for “Bashful Brides” and “Introverted Grooms” (coming from an introverted photographer)

Copyright Revival Photography Jason and Heather Barr

Getting married soon? Don’t like being the center of attention? Many brides have dreamed of their wedding day since their childhood…. being a “princess” bride… the center of attention…. all eyes on the beautiful bride… …but for those of us who are introverts….. let’s face it, a wedding might seem a bit overwhelming and may be more nerve-wrecking than the subject of a daydream….

Always remember that your wedding is your own, and you can do it however you please. Who says you have to invite a zillion people just to keep everyone happy? Who says you have to suffer through painfully posed or awkward photos? Do your wedding your way.

Think outside the typical “wedding box”…

Here are a few tips and ideas to think about if you are looking for ways to keep your wedding day from killing your nerves! :) I’m an introvert (Heather… not Jason :) so believe me, I completely understand and I’ve been in your shoes.

Copyright Revival Photography Jason and Heather Barr Tips for Shy Brides and Introverted Grooms Photo
Copyright Revival Photography Jason and Heather Barr Tips for Shy Brides and Introverted Grooms Photo

1. “Have a small wedding” – keep your wedding down to close family and only a few friends. Who says you have to have 350 people at your wedding? Keep it small and intimate. Your wedding should feel right to you. There is no right or wrong way to do it. In the end, an introverted bride who prefers a small wedding will be just as married as the extrovert who was married in front of 350 people.

2. “Have an outdoor wedding” – it’ll feel less stuffy and quiet. Plus, nothing better than fresh air and sunshine (don’t forget to have a back-up rain plan though!)

3. “Go for a simple, easy-to-move-in dress/attire” – who’s to say “simple” is “plain”? Simple can be elegant. Simple can be beautiful and graceful. Simple can be vintage-chic. If you don’t want to worry about tripping in sky-high heels, choose flats or slippers. Your toes AND your nerves will thank you. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable AND beautiful on your wedding day.

4. “Have your own space while you’re getting ready” – if you have family or friends who tend to get you worked up or stressed, have your bridesmaid do her “bridesmaidly” job (hehe) and that’s to help protect the bride from stress on her big day. I’m sure she will be glad to help you ;)

5. “Drink Water” – it will help you to keep calm and balanced.

6. “Breathe” – breathe in….count to 3…. breathe out…… repeat. It works.

7. “Choose a photographer who will do the photos YOU want” – choose a photographer who won’t make you do photos that you don’t feel comfortable doing. None of that cheesy, annoying stuff!  *hint hint* :) I’m an introvert myself, so I understand, believe me. Do you hate being in front of a camera? Don’t like posed photography? Who says you have to be “posed”? Who says the family group shots have to be “formal”? Tell us what you want and we will make it happen the way you want it.

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