Revival Wedding Do's and Don'ts + Vendor Booking Timeline

Revival Wedding Do's and Don'ts + Vendor Booking Timeline

We've seen first hand how stressed out a couple can become once they've become immersed in the planning of their wedding day...

This “Vendor Booking Timeline” infographic has a ton of wedding planning wisdom to help make wedding planning and the decision-making process a little bit easier! Thanks WeddingWire!

Here are a couple of Do's and Don'ts...

DO hire a wedding planner - Don't get stuck worrying over your wedding day details on the wedding day when you are supposed to be enjoying the day and taking it all in as much as possible. This also prevents your family from getting stuck doing these tasks. You want your family to be IN your wedding day photos, right? Don't give these tasks to them, let a wedding planner handle it for you.

DO book your wedding venue as one of your first steps - You don't want to miss out on your dream wedding venue. Especially if your wedding is during high wedding season.

DON'T attempt your own hair and make-up on your wedding day. Relax and let the professionals handle it. It could potentially put you behind on your timeline if you attempt doing your own.

DO ask your florist to create a floral (with real flowers, pretty please!) bouquet for your bridal session!

DO make sure to have your wedding dress at least 1 month prior to your wedding day for the bridal session.

DO make sure your wedding dress is fitted property, as well as length. A dress that is too long is hard to move freely in during photos and video (and not to mention on your wedding day).

DO beware of strapless dresses. Make sure it's the most flattering dress for your body type and also be sure that it's fitted to perfection so that you're not pulling it up the whole day.

DON'T attempt too many DIY wedding day projects. 

DO enjoy your wedding day.