Bekah + Morrison's Leatherwood Mountain Destination Wedding

Bekah + Morrison's Leatherwood Mountain Resort Destination Wedding NC Wedding Photographers Revival Photography

Bekah and Morrison's wedding day was epic. A wedding filled with creativity, humor, and authenticity is a dream to photograph! We had a blast working with these guys!

Bekah is a playwright, and TV writer/ producer (you may *grin* have heard of This is Us) and Morrison is an actor, known for Hart of Dixie, RocketJump: The Show, and Again.

Bekah + Morrison's Leatherwood Mountain Resort Destination Wedding NC Wedding Photographers Revival Photography
My favorite thing growing up was going to the mountains with my family to cut down our Christmas Tree — and so I was so looking forward to cold, crisp mountain air at our October reception, but wasn’t sure if we were going to actually get it, as the weather has been so all over the place lately. In the wee hours of the morning the day before the wedding, a rain storm moved through, dropping the temperature 20 degrees and leaving in its path not one but TWO RAINBOWS over the mountains. As if we hadn’t been sure before, it was at that point that we were DEFINITELY sure that we were making the right choice.
— Bekah
We were set up by a friend and instantly drawn to the fact that we both come from large families, and also the fact that we’re both tall (which is why, in my vows, I promised to always be shorter than him.) We got engaged over breakfast — he oftentimes makes me breakfast before we rush out to work, it was really intimate and sweet, he just took a moment that seems so commonplace and exploded it into something wonderful. In honor of our engagement, we gave everyone a basketful of pancake mix, syrup and coffee as a welcome gift (awwww / barf!)
We kept telling people to dress in the style of moonshine romance, which are just two fun words that I like that I shoved together. I think it ended up being simple and sweet. My husband doesn’t like things that are too forced or staged, which I agree with, so we erred on the side of subtly, simplicity and quality. We put a lot of love and time and care into the food and music, as we are quite passionate about those two things. His brother and sister and law made all of our awesome wedding signs. My favorite was ‘decorative wedding sign’ which was an idea we had one night while in the fever dream throes of wedding planning. The ideas made us laugh a lot, so we decided to go with it.
When I was waiting to walk up the aisle, out the door and up towards the pecan tree, I was in the awesome little bar / restaurant area at Leatherwood. There were a couple of local older dudes at the bar, chilling and drinking budweisers. When my bridesmaids were walking up towards the tree, the dudes all reminded me that it wasn’t too late to run, and that I could totally just come home with any of them. They were hilarious and sweet, and I loved the high brow / low brow of the moment.
I loved it when our reverend accidentally skipped the part where we were supposed to say our vows, and I went straight to, Bekah do you take this man? And I said nothing, and then he had to ask again, and I just kinda said, wait, what? Sorry, I forgot what was happening for a minute. I believe those were my exact words. I then just laughed at myself, as we were both able to do through the ceremony. It felt super relaxed and natural, which we loved.
I also loved seeing all of my husband and I’s family and friends, from NYC, LA and NC, all bundled up in their coats, happily huddling next to heat lamps, sipping on moonshine. It was exactly the experience we wanted to provide.
We also loved my brother’s toasts in which they all donned fake beards in honor of their new bro-in-law, my friend Sheila’s 9 year old son Cal shredding it solo on the dance floor, when my dress came unbustled at the reception and my mom and bridesmaids pinned it back up with safety pins while I shoved fried chicken into my face, and then later, how the dress eventually came undone and I just drug it behind me, collecting leaves and mulch. I felt like a wood fairy. Throughout the reception my husband and I kept taking bathroom breaks together, which basically just meant we find each other and sneak away to the horse stable and grabbed a moment to reflect on the craziness happening around us.

Any advice for future brides + grooms?

Do whatever you can to be present! For me, I kept shouting to myself and friends and loved ones during the ceremony and reception, I FEEL SO PRESENT! But still, I would give a limb to go back to the that day / night and live it all over again. Take little breaks throughout the weekend or day, whatever your celebration, and just take in every tiny detail. Focus on what’s most important, which is just you marrying your love.

Featured Wedding Pros:

Venue/ Lodging: Leatherwood Mountain Resort // Wedding Planner: Abbie Hanchey // Floral Design: Mason Heistand at NC Mountain Flowers, Millefleurs // Cake: Jessica McClure with Homeslice in Winston Salem // Hair + Makeup: Erin McCarson, Beautiful Bride (bridesmaid hair and makeup) // DJ: On target DJ // Videographer: HoneyDew Films // Officiant: Rev. Gregory Possman // Photography by Revival Photography