A Day in the Life | An Honest Journal by Heather | 3.15.16

A Day in the Life | An Honest Journal by Heather

Do you guys ever take power naps? They're a rare thing for me - pretty much non-existent in my life.


Because my mind never stops.

(and because as a small business owner and cat momma, life is slammed and I've gotta be one step ahead of the game so I don't fall behind. It's where I like to be.)

Today I took a little power nap and it was amazing. Frederic napped with me. I feel like a new person now. 

Taking time for myself (to relax, live the way I should, rest, get a way from all things work) is hard. I never realized just how hard until I tried to make myself actually do it. 

It's pretty important though, or else things crumble... I crumble. It really is worth taking that little bit of time. Starting to finally learn that. The things you learn after you turn 30....

I just took a mini office break to run and play a game with Frederic. It's this little game where I hide around the corner and he runs by and I squeal "GIT'CHA!" and I get him. And then he hides around a corner, and I run by and he does his version of that by leaping out at me as I'm running by. It's hilarious. I think it's pretty neat that I can create a little game with my cat like that. 

We get each other :) haha

Anyway, time for a cup of coffee...