Alyssa + Miles: A Mountain Wedding at Howard Knob Park in Boone, NC

We wanted to return to the place we began. We were 18 and optimistic freshmen when we met and we continued to grow and fall in love during what is regarded as the best four years of anyone’s life. It just seemed appropriate to wed in the spot that overlooked our formative years.
— Alyssa + Miles
My family and friends did most of the preparing and planning. I don’t know what I would’ve done or what my ceremony would’ve looked like without their help. And honestly, I had no idea what the ceremony or reception were going to look like the day of. With my little input, my loved ones were able to construct the wedding of my (and Miles’) dreams.
— Alyssa
There were things that didn’t work out as planned but in the end, everyone had such a great time. My parents took such good care of me too. I know that I was about to be married but I kind of felt like a young child again and that it was my birthday. And my daddy made me feel like such a princess and like I was the little girl he used to dance with in the living room.
— Alyssa