Alison + Gregory: A Heartfelt Destination Elopement at The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, NC

Alison + Gregory: A Heartfelt Destination Elopement at The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, NC
Everything about our elopement at the Mast Farm Inn on May 6, 2015, was perfect. I’m sure there were some minor glitches along the way, but the beautiful thing about eloping was that we did not allow ourselves to worry over the little things. The day was about us. It was about sharing our love for one another in a gorgeous setting, and capturing the moments of our story through the lens of a camera.
— As told by Alison + Gregory
Gregory and I had both been married before, and we contemplated a small wedding for our family and friends. But, as we considered the options, we realized that we wanted something for us. Our hearts were set on The Mast Farm Inn after seeing the amazing photography by Revival Photography, Heather and Jason.
— Alison + Gregory
Photography has been an important part of my life for the last several years, and I immediately fell in love with Heather and Jason’s style. After several email exchanges, we felt as if we knew them, and that feeling was intensified the moment they walked in our cabin door on the day of our ceremony. Gregory and I felt so comfortable with Heather and Jason, and we enjoyed every moment of our session together and are forever grateful to them for memorializing our wedding day exactly as we experienced it.
— Alison
Everything was perfect. We spent a wonderful and relaxing day together, enjoying ourselves and what the area had to offer, even being so relaxed that we could enjoy several beers at AMB. I was honestly a little nervous about the photographers because I knew how much having good quality photography meant to Alison. The time I spent worrying was wasted. They both were wonderful! I enjoyed talking with Jason while Heather was taking photos of Alison getting ready and he managed to take a few of me and made me look pretty presentable too! I truly enjoy looking at our pictures that are displayed in our house. I smile every time I walk by one of the pictures of my beautiful wife. I will never forget the feeling of seeing Alison walk down to me that day and it is so wonderful to have such wonderful memories and the pictures that reflect all of those wonderful memories.
— Gregory

the dress:

"Gregory's mother gave me a $100.00 bill this past Christmas.  On January 2nd, she passed away suddenly.  We had planned our elopement but, of course, had not told anyone.  I wanted to honor her memory at our wedding and decided that I would purchase my wedding dress with the $100.00 she gave me for Christmas.  She would be thrilled to know that not only did I find a gorgeous gown for our special day, but that it only cost $60.00!" - Alison

the details:

"Heather and Jason have an amazing eye for details.  From the flowers, to Gregory's Union Jack socks (I am originally from England), to the touch of Gregory's hand on my face, no detail was left uncaptured.  As a bride, two of my favorite details from the wedding were the photographs of my paternal grandmother's diamond cluster ring which I wore, and my maternal grandmother's brownie camera.  I know they were both smiling at me as I married my husband." - Alison 

Heather and Jason each took the time to photograph Gregory and I separate from one another as Gregory patiently waited for me to finish getting ready. I am a relatively simple, ponytail and de minimis make up kind of girl, so choosing to “prepare” myself, by myself, on my wedding day could have turned me into a stress ball. But, everything sailed perfectly along and Heather was able to capture the final details of my preparation for my walk down the aisle!
— Alison

the tree:

"Even though we eloped, we wanted to incorporate several elements of a traditional wedding.  For our unity ceremony, we chose to do a "tree planting."  Gregory is a farmer and so much of our life together is spent in nature.  We wanted to share in a symbol of growth and strength and to plant something that, like our marriage, would remain steadfast with solid roots.  And, like our  marriage, a tree requires nourishment and care to thrive.  (I would like to report that two months have passed and our tree is still alive!  Phew!)" - Alison + Gregory

the sincere emotion:

"One of the most amazing things about our wedding photographs is the way Heather and Jason captured our sincere emotion.  So many of the pictures show not only two smiling faces, but two faces who are smiling at each other with their eyes, their entire body.  The photographs remind us how we felt about each other at that very moment, and how we continue to feel as our love grows in marriage." - Alison + Gregory

the dance:

"Another "traditional" element of our wedding was our first dance.  We chose to dance to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud".  Armed with my iphone and our Bose speaker, we danced together in a field just across from the Inn.  The clouds could not have been a more perfect backdrop as Heather and Jason captured our first dance together." - Alison + Gregory 

the beer:

"So, we really love craft beer.  During our stay in the area, we managed to visit five different craft breweries.  Heaven!" - Alison + Gregory


Happiness isn’t just a sign, or an emotion, it is the way Gregory and I live.
— Alison

Words cannot express how much these guys mean to us!

Their love for each other is real and true and what an incredible pleasure it was to be able to photograph them together on this day in their lives! What a special couple they are! There's just something about having the privilege to photograph a beautiful love like this, and you know you've just captured something really special...


Jason + Heather


Photos by Jason + Heather of Revival Photography

Wedding Venue/Lodging: The Mast Farm Inn -

Coordinator - Danielle at The Mast Farm Inn -

Floral Designer -  by Pearl's Garden -

Ceremony Music - April of Deans' Duets -

Officiate - Rev. Richard Tidyman -

Local Beer - Appalachian Mountain Brewery -

Dinner/Cake - Simplicity at The Mast Farm Inn -