Current Wedding Obsession: Vintage Celadon + Gold

Right now, we're completely smitten with celadon + gold for weddings. This color combination is vintage-inspired, elegant, lovely, ethereal, classic, reminiscent of vintage wallpaper that you see in those beautiful historic homes...

Celadon: /ˈsɛlədɒn/ is a pale greyish shade of green.

This color palette is perfect for vintage-inspired weddings, beach weddings, for Spring and for Fall seasons. Here's a bit on the background of this lovely color...

According to, this pale green color can be traced to French literature of the 17th century. Celadon was the name of a character who wore green clothes in Honoré d’Urfé’s novel L’Astree. A glaze of this color is commonly used in Chinese and Korean pottery. It is normally associated with a pale sea-green pigment though the style originally was made with much darker pigments. The pale green pigment came from the artisans who used specific clays and potting techniques to create the style now associated with the name. It was most commonly used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese art and spread to the other Asian cultures.
— Wikipedia

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Jason + Heather