6 Marriage Tools + Resources

6 Marriage Tools and Resources on the Revival Photography Blog NC Wedding Photographers Husband and Wife www.revivalphotography.com

This month on the blog, it's all about marriage. 

When planning a wedding, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in everything and lose sight of the main reason for the wedding day.


The wedding day is only the start of a life-long journey.

It's only the very beginning. 

Here are some tools + resources that you may find useful in your marriage! 


Finances -

Dave Ramsey - www.daveramsey.com

Dave Ramsey has entirely changed the way we look at money. One of the best changes we have made to our marriage is following his Total Money Makeover!
— Jason + Heather

Mint (Easy budgeting right on your phones!) - www.mint.com

We both have this app on our phones and we love it! Makes it so easy to see what’s going on with our money and it’s so easy!
— Jason + Heather



Jason + Heather


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