It's been 5 years.... <3

Can't believe it's been 5 years since we said "I do"..... it's flown by! You know, when I look back over the past 5 years I see good times, tough times too, and I also see how journeying through the last 5 years together has strengthened our marriage to the core with each and every day!

Marriage is a wonderful thing. You hear many people talk about how tough and horrible it is, and others talk about how peachy it is.... I just want to say that marriage is a wonderful thing -  a wonderful, life-changing, sometimes challenging, bonding, rewarding, growing thing. When you stick together you learn more and more and more about each other, you learn what makes the other person tick, what makes them happy, sad, what makes them laugh, all of their favorite things, you even learn how to communicate without words (it's called "lazer eyes from across the room" hehe).... and most importantly, you learn how to love each other more with each day. 

A Marriage Needs
Three Hearts

Sweet, lovely bride so full of joy,
As you now meet your groom,
Please know the Lord is also there
To help your marriage bloom.

And handsome groom, we all can see
Such deep love in your eyes.
That same One’s standing by your side,
A Counselor so wise.

Two lovers share their sacred vows,
And two hearts blend as one.
Another heart is also there --
It’s that of God’s dear Son.

I pray that He will always be
Your honored wedding Guest,
For marriages that have three hearts
Are still the very best.

© Larry Howland 

It's been the best 5 years of our lives and we can't wait to journey through the rest of life together...


Jason + Heather