6 Bridal Beauty Tips from Pro Make-up artist Sharla Bance

So you're planning your wedding and choosing your vendors... you get to "beauty and make-up". Where to start? Maybe you're concerned about wedding day tears and wondering if there are ways to make your make-up last the whole day through. Or maybe you're a "Blushing Bride"... Does your face turn red and blotchy from nerves (and does it get even worse the more you think about it)? Are you shouting "yes" right now? Me too, I was the same way as a bride (still am!) We asked professional make-up artist, Sharla Bance if she could give us some tips and advice on how to prepare for those wedding day nerves and look your very best on the day you've always dreamed of...


"There are so many tricks and secrets that makeup artists have to make you the most beautiful you.  Enhancing one's beauty is why I do what I do and have been doing for so many years.  I love my job! " - Sharla Bance, Professional Make-up Artist in the High Country

"So many brides I work with have a tendency to get red and blotchy, especially when the nerves start really taking over.  The very best thing a bride can do is to use airbrush foundation for the big day.  Airbrush foundation helps create this perfect flawless matte finish to the skin.  It basically takes all the oil of the skin and has a coverage like no other. I've had a few brides over the years that have had severe rosacea patches all over their face.  The airbrush covers it up like a dream.  And once the airbrush sets, you don't have to worry about a thing.  No touchup, no powder, no sweat, no streaks from crying!" - Sharla 

"HD foundation is my second favorite choice.  These foundations are created for photography (especially high end), TV, anything with lights, flash and up close shots." - Sharla 

"Also, another great tip for discolored skin is to use a BB cream. BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm.  BB creams have been around for a while and now you can get drugstore brands that work just as great as high end department store brands.  On a normal day, it is sometimes all you need for coverage.  It helps smooth out skin tone and almost acts like a light foundation primer.  I have tried handfuls of them from high end to drugstore and one of my favorite is actually Loreal." - Sharla  

"One of the main things to focus on is any makeup with a yellow or beige tone to it to help neutralize the red.  Anything with a pink or peach tone will only enhance the redness.  You can also invest in a primer with a green tint to it.  It sounds crazy to most but a color like green with do an amazing color correct with the red.  Another tip for very dark circles under the eyes is an orange corrector.  I actually use an orange/red lipstick from MAC that is the best for dark circles!" - Sharla


"I know many brides that have thought they would just do their own makeup on their wedding day to save a few bucks.  After it was all over, so many have said they wished they had invested in it.  Even if you do your makeup everyday, having a professional do it for this one special day is worth it!  A professional can simply add that extra love to your skin and face and make sure you have the right product and application on for the thousands of pictures that will be taken of you that day.  Make sure that your foundation won't blotch, your eye shadow won't smudge and crease, your blush fades before you even walk down the aisle. Invest in yourself.  You are worth it!" - Sharla

"My true passion has always been in makeup and fashion.  I started in the industry 19 years ago modeling.  I quickly realized that I had a love for the makeup and the artistry rather than wearing the clothes and being in front of the camera.  I began asking questions and soon was being trained by many of the amazing makeup artists around the world.  Different cultures have different creativity when it comes to makeup.  I feel so blessed to have been exposed to this at such an early age and to find my passion so quickly in life. " - Sharla Bance, Make-Up Artist


Thank you so much, Sharla, for these incredibly helpful beauty tips! Questions for Sharla? Be sure to visit her website and contact her about making you look and feel like your best beautiful self on your wedding day!




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