Top 8 Wedding Tips from April's "Wedding Tips of the Day"

8 Wedding Tips from a Wedding Photographer NC Wedding Photographers

If you follow us on social media, you've probably seen our daily wedding tips. Here are the top 8 tips from April's "Wedding Tip of the Day"...


1. If you haven't decided on your "signature fragrance", you might want to decide and use it on your wedding day. Every time you or your Mr. (or Mrs. because this is for guys too!) smell the fragrance it will bring back memories from your day.

2. Vintage or Classic cars will make your vintage-inspired wedding look classic and authentic! Plus your photos will be incredible!

3. If you want to keep the photo time to a minimum between your ceremony and reception, consolidate your family groups into larger groups and ask your photographer to capture individuals throughout the day and during the reception. OR, consider doing a first look and then moving some, if not all of the family photos to pre-ceremony. 

4. DO make sure to eat on your wedding day! You definitely won't want to feel weak during your ceremony, plus you'll want to have enough energy to dance the night away :)

5. It never hurts to be prepared for rain on your wedding day! Cute umbrellas for you and your bridesmaids make the rain more fun!

6. Choose wedding day music to reflect who you are and the music you love most!

7. DO make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready and enough time to spend on bridal portraits where you won't have to rush around. Remember, you want to relax on this day and enjoy every minute of it! 

8. Remember to ENJOY your day!  Laugh, and be yourselves! It will shine through in your wedding day photos...

Which tip did you find most helpful?


Jason + Heather