"The Blue Velvet Dress" - A family tradition session by Revival Photography

Blue Velvet Dress A Family Traditional Session by Revival Photography Photo

A few weeks ago Leigh contacted us about doing a very special session for her sweet girl, Anne, who would be turning 5 years old soon. The idea, was for us to take her 5 year old portrait, and her mother's 1940s portrait, and then use those as inspiration to do Anne's 5 year old portrait in an exact replica of the same outfit both her, and her mother wore in their portraits....


"The dress belonged to my Great Aunt Daisy and was borrowed for the photo of my mom. My mom found the dress in my grandmothers attic when I was almost 5, which was how old she was when her photo was taken. My mom thought it would be a neat tradition." - Leigh, Anne's mother

Pictured Above:Leigh's mother's vintage portrait from the 1940s, and then Leigh's (Anne's mother) portrait on right side. Leigh sent us images of these to get inspired for Anne's photoshoot!

"She made the day special by keeping me out of school, having a bubble bath and a special lunch...so the day would be memorable. And it was! Now that Anne is getting ready to turn five we decided to keep the tradition alive but had to start from scratch on the dress since no one could locate it. My dad's retired secretary and 'Wonder Woman' said she would be up for the task. My mom had some vintage lace napkins of my grandmothers and wanted to use them for the collar. The dress turned out beautifully! And now we have a dress to continue the tradition! " - Leigh, Anne's mother

Behind the scenes photos of Anne, and her mother, Leigh getting ready for Anne's very special 5 year old portrait...

Vintage inspired photoshoot by Revival Photography Photo

Pictured above is Anne's vintage-inspired portrait along side her mother and her mother's mother's portraits. We wanted to give the new photo a very vintage look to resemble the colors and look of the original 1940s photograph.

After Anne's studio portrait we went outside for a few photos of Anne and her little brother, Nate in the glowing evening light...

Film Photography by Revival Photography
Film inspired photos by Revival Photography

"One of the virtues of being very young is that you don't let the facts get in the way of your imagination." -Sam Levenson

Vintage film inspired photography by Revival Photography


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