Adam + Michelle: A Mountain Destination Wedding at The Swag Country Inn

Adam and Michelle met at The Ohio State University in 1992. Little did they know that Pathology class would forever changes their lives. Adam enjoyed pizza and beer while Michelle knew every trendy coffee house in town. Despite their obvious differences, their friendship continued that year. Unbeknownst to them, on a friendly bike ride through a park in Columbus, destiny would take a stand. Adam stated, “Someday, if we find ourselves single at 60… I mean 40… we should get married.” They laughingly agreed and continued to pedal, shaking their heads, as they could not even remotely comprehend middle age. They lost touch after that for many, many years. Adam and Michelle’s paths crossed again in 2012, a mere 20 years later. Months info dating, Michelle laughingly said, “Do you remember that bike ride?” and Adam smiled. Destiny had spoken. Adam and Michelle are so very grateful.
— As told by Adam + Michelle
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Adam + Michelle tied the knot at the incredible Swag Country Inn in Waynesville, NC